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Our Concepts

Established in 2015, Anake is Singapore’s first end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience — pushing boundaries through leveraging the latest derma-genetics research and technology through a skin DNA test to launch a new lifestyle of precision skincare.


Upholding a philosophy of Clarity and Commitment, we aim to provide a personal guide in unlocking an individual’s unique genetic blueprint in order to tailor a complete skincare regime that complements one’s genes – from beginning to end.

Focused on bringing the 'Best of Nature' for your skin, Floris by Anake is the organic sister line of Anake Skin.

Stemmed from the belief that what you put in your body radiates through your skin, SUPERFOOD by Anake was born, converging and redefining the synergy between skincare, nutrition and holistic wellness.

As part of ANAKE’s mission to deliver a holistic beauty & wellness experience to you, SUPERFOOD by Anake enhances your skincare journey with the essence of nourishment that boost both inner and external wellness. Feel good from the inside-out, a journey towards vibrant health and luminous skin.

After years of experience, in 2023, ANAKE Skin was born – fulfilling the desire for a skincare experience that caters to our customers' individuality, and simultaneously being cohesive with the local climate.


With ANAKE Skin, you're not just using skincare — you're embracing a holistic regime supported by 100% honest and natural ingredients, crafted in Singapore — Bringing you radiant beauty that blossoms from within.

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