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More than just a brand– A belief. A lifestyle. A journey.



Founded in 2015, Anake's story began as a humble store that brought the finest skincare brands from Europe and the US to the heart of this vibrant city, Singapore.

Moving on to present Singapore’s first end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience — Anake pushes boundaries through leveraging the latest derma-genetics research and technology through a skin DNA test to launch a new lifestyle of personalised and precision skincare. 


In 2023, we embarked on a new chapter. Anake Skin was born as a manifestation of our devotion to skincare and our city's allure. We place utmost importance in the holistic end-to-end journey of skincare experience, from learning the language of your skin, to conversing with it. 


Discover the magic of personalised skincare, and welcome a world where your skin blooms in harmony with you.

Bid Farewell to
Hit-Or-Miss Skincare
Take Charge of your
Skin Health
Expand Your
Skin's Potential


We help unleash the power of your skin with

Discover your skin's genetic blueprint– from its unique vulnerabilities to its hidden anti-aging secrets. With cutting-edge DNA analysis technology, we decode your skin's mysteries, empowering you to tailor your skincare routine like never before. 


Let us help you translate what your skin can’t speak and unveil a treasure trove of personalised insights.

Say Goodbye to
Hit-Or-Miss Skincare
Take Charge of your
Skin Health
Prevention is
Better than Cure

Singapore's first DNA-based skincare.