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Skincare begins
with clarity
and requires

Anake is your personal guide, from making sense of your skin's genetic blueprint, to gaining a deeper knowledge of who you are, we are committed to tailoring a complete skincare regime that perfectly complements your genes.


Clarity begins by unlocking your unique genetic capabilities. Your skin has a distinct 'personality', just like you. The accuracy of our AI- and DNA-based knowledge reduce your risk of wasting time and money on trial and error or ineffective products. You'll be able to optimise your lifestyle choices to 'biohack' your way to maximum skin health.


Getting the most out of your skin requires a Commitment to treat your skin now and in the future. Our treatments target both damage repair and tissue longevity. At Anake, we're 100% committed to delivering a new era of precision skincare, maximising your skin's unique potential, from beginning to end.

Our Vision

To help everyone optimise their skin health through powerful and innovative technologies that made us the most preferred beauty brand

Our Mission

We push boundaries, anticipate customers' needs and create the best products to excite and enrich lives

Our Technology


Anake leverages the latest derma-genetics research and technology to launch a new era in precision skincare. We test 15+ genetic markers that will unlock your skin profile helping you to make more informed treatment choices.


Our cutting-edge Skin Analyser contains the world's most advanced skin detection equipment using RGB visible light, polarised light and UV spectrum imaging technology, combined with AI and image analysis to clearly visualise your skin's unique profile.


See your skin in a new light with our leading LED light and ultrasound technology, which uses seven different LED wavelengths and vibration of ultrasonic waves to repair, replenish and rejuvenate your skin for a visibly more youthful and younger looking skin.

How it works


Test your
skin’s DNA

With our SKIN DNA TEST KIT to make sense of your skin’s unique genetic profile.


Facial skin
imaging analysis

To understand your skin’s
immediate conditions and


Consult our
beauty team

It is important for us to understand your skincare routine and underlying skin problems to help you find long-term solutions with innovative technology.


treatment planning

With the data we received
from the reports, we design
an all-rounded long-term
plan that you can immediately implement.

You’re a step
closer to the
best formula
for your skin

Signature Premium Pro Add On

Synergy Rejuvenation

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$249/60 mins

This treatment uses a combination of lights to penetrate your skin’s dermis, pushes the serum/nutrients deeper into your skin, significantly improving the appearance of your skin. 15 minutes are all it takes to promote cell production, collagen fibres and elastin. Time to blast off to glowing and clearer skin.

LED Light

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$249/60 mins

Using one of Opatra’s revolutionary device and seven different LED lights, these treatments work together to rejuvenate skin by fighting skin aging, stimulating new skin cell production and zap away acne-causing bacteria. Available exclusively in Singapore

Glow Mask

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$249/60 mins

The Glow Mask Treatment - which uses LED light has been a long-standing favourite to improve your skin health and give your skin a glowing boost.The three treatment options, red, blue and orange LED offers different benefits which help with nearly any skin-related concern, be it fine lines, acne or pigmentation.Step up your skin game today and glow from the inside out

Cocoage Lifting

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$599/45 mins

This Cocoage treatment is created to remove all deeply embedded dirt, oil and impurities from the skin for a healthier and radiant skin. Give your skin the best, add a dose of 24K cream and 24K gold leaf and ensure the nutrients get absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin. Youthful and beautiful skin is no longer just a dream.

24K Divine Body

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$1199/90 min

Pamper yourself with massages and body treatments fit for royalty. Using the latest technology, ProShaper is non-invasive and non-surgical which is designed to treat all body areas and achieve body-shaping results. Pair it with 24K divine body cream for the best results. No matter your age, skin shade, glow like gold every day.

Body ProShaper

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$249/60 mins

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, ProShaper literally breaks down and removes fatty deposits to help you lose the excess pounds without going under the knife. And best of all, the before-and-after photos will make your jaw drop. Medically safe.

Antioxidant Power

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$249/60 mins

A two-step regime, the antioxidant mask and glow mask device work in better synergy, which help cleanse and allow skincare products to get absorbed more deeply and effectively. Redefine your skin in an instant, leaving you with plumper skin and a dewy glow. The resulting glow is totally worth it.

DermiSonic Sensitive Skin

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$249/60 mins

Treat your skin with love by using the biotechnological marine extract mask, a natural beauty treatment. Not only it is gentle on skin, it soothes and moisturizes the skin. Combined with the revolutionary anti-aging DermiSonic, the benefits are too good to be true.

Synergy Eye

$90/20 mins

Specifically designed for the eye area, its unique ion technology paired with top-of-the-line products massage the skin which stimulate blood circulation to the eye area and help generate skin cells. Over time, it will help improve puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Pair it with 24K eye mask, a luxurious addition to your skincare lineup for the best results. 


$149/30 mins

This synergy neck treatment incorporates ground-breaking anti-aging technology, high speed massage, light therapy and a heating/cooling system that are supposed to mimic the effects of a professional massage. Those vibrations will alleviate tension in your muscles and make your skin appear smoother and tighter with continued use. Say hello to instant relaxation.

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