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Redefining skincare to support the ever-changing mindset & evolving lifestyle choices.

What We

Believe In

Available Positions

Sales Associate




  • Competitive salary and commissions, rewarding your dedication and skill.

  • All fun & games during team bonding sessions!
    We also emphasise on treating each other like family, with respect and dignity.

  • Professional personal and team training and career development opportunities.
    We identify potentials to explore career opportunities with us!

  • All work but no play is a big no from us! We value having fun and being supportive every step of the way :)

  • Work in shifts!

  • Discounts to all Anake’s skincare products and services, so you can enjoy self-care too!

What We Offer

Established in 2015, Anake pushes boundaries by being Singapore’s first end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience. Our skin DNA test leverages latest derma-genetics research and technology, to launch a new lifestyle of precision skincare.

We aim to provide a personal guide in unlocking an individual’s unique genetic blueprint to tailor a complete skincare regime that complements one’s genes – from beginning to end.

Who Are We?

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